About The Coach


About Nathan Moore...

 Shortly after graduating from college with a degree in Psychology, I started on my path of life, setting out to make a difference.  I began my business pursuits as a Financial Planner and Investment Advisor, managing millions of dollars for clients around the country.  I was also privileged to own a gym franchise, a tailored clothing business, and a real-estate development partnership along the way.  Some of them worked out well...others failed. These experiences gave me the opportunity to meet people from many facets of life and experience the highs and lows of life along the way.  Although I was helping individuals do everything from planning their financial futures, designing their wardrobes, or getting into shape, ultimately I was helping to shape their character, priorities, and goals in life.  I realized that I was officially in the People Business.  This helped me identify my ultimate purpose:  Help others experience life to the fullest.  

This revelation led to many unique experiences in life including travelling across the country performing in front of thousands as a member of the Concord Blue Devils, The Marauders, and The Spartans..  It included journeys around the globe leading mission efforts in Australia, New Zealand, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, and The Central Valley making a difference in the lives of those who needed it the most.  It included facilitating multiple 30 mile backpacking excursions for men through some of the most dense and intense forest in the country.  It included weekly mentoring a group of incarcerated youth as well as a group of adolescent boys.  It included gracing the television screen as a PBS host providing educational programming.  It included tirelessly raising money and awareness for organizations such as Youth For Christ, Make-A-Wish, PBS, A21, and so on.  Throughout each of these efforts I set out to be a blessing to others, and ultimate was the one being blessed by the experience.   The Intentionality Coach allows me to help you experience the same blessings in life.