#TBT with Caution

I have a confession to make. I look forward to TBT. For those who don't know, TBT (throw back Thursday) is the act of posting old pictures of yourself on a Thursday (duh). Debbie Gipson hair and Kid 'N Play High Top fades grace the pages of many Facebook and IG posts. It's fun taking a trip down memory lane...looking for old photos that capture the mackness that you once thought you had, or the goofiness that you once thought you outgrew. Usually you go through countless photos trying to find the one that explains who you are today. If you are like me, I sometimes will file pictures away for future use.

I admit, #TBT is fun and I have no issue with it. What I have issue with is the time that we invest in throwing back...vs the time we spend being present. TBT can be harmless, but I feel fads like this are a little bigger than what they appear. Sometimes we work so hard to hold onto the time "we threw four touchdowns in a single game at Polk High" that we aren't even in the game today. I feel like we have become a culture of zombies that focuses so much on the past, or the future, that we don't even see what/who is right before us. You may have heard the phrase "my cup runneths over". Well, if someone bumped into your cup of life what would spill over the rim??? Would it be several ounces of past regrets or several ounces of future worries? Wouldl it be several ounces of memories from and old flame that stifles the fire of your current relationship?? Would it be several ounces of anxiety about tomorrow that paralyzes you today? There is nothing wrong with reminiscing over the past or planning for the future, just make sure to live in the present...and let your throw backs be just that, throw backs and not hold backs.