It is my mission to help you create a life lived on purpose, with purpose.
— Nathaniel Moore-The Intentionality Coach

In life, we are often encouraged to live a balanced life.  We are told that we need to balance our time and give equal attention to the various facets of our lives.  At The Intentionality Coach, we believe that no matter how busy our lives may seem we can always make time for the things that are most important to us.  We work with our clients to help identify their priorities in four key areas: FAITH, FAMILY/FRIENDS, FITNESS, and FINANCES. 

FAITH-Are you seeking moments of solitude and reflection to renew your inner strength?

FAMILY/FRIENDS-Who are the people in your life that require your attention and energy, and also have the power to pour energy back into you?

FITNESS-Are you maintaining the machine that is responsible for your very existence and your ability to make a difference for others?

FINANCES-Are you making sound fiscal decisions to remove the burden and distraction of money woes?

We work with you to identify your priorities, create a game plan to correct those that are out of alignment or further strengthen those which may require temporary attention, and then monitor your goals making changes as needed.  We introduce you to professionals who can help you take each area of the 4 F's to the next level.